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SME Excellent certificate

Your successful business enables you to obtain the Excellent SME certificate

Who performs the certification and why?

The Croatian Chamber of Economy and the globally operating credit insurer Coface Croatia have recognised the need for institutional and economic support to all small and medium enterprises and act as reference partners on your way to success. Through their operations and activities, they offer solutions and models that help entrepreneurs achieve business objectives. Small and medium enterprises are the backbone of the economic development of the Republic of Croatia. For this reason, the Croatian Chamber of Economy supports the Excellent SME certification project. The certificate is issued to selected companies based on due diligence of their financial statements and calculation of their business performance and stability indicators. Financial statements of enterprises are analysed by the internationally recognised credit report data provider Coface Croatia, which also supports companies when it comes to securing long-term business operations.

Purpose of the introduction of the Excellent SME certificate?

The Excellent SME certificate is also well-known in countries of the region and regarded, due to its strict certification criteria, as a reliable tool for quick evaluation of partners on the foreign market.
The main purpose of introducing this type of certificate on the Croatian market is to increase competitiveness and promote successful business in the local and international environment in order to enhance market transparency and foster exports.
The possession of an Excellent SME certificate will boost your local and international competitiveness and increase your business opportunities. On the Croatian market, the certificate enables networking between enterprises for business cooperation without fear of fraud or malversation.
The certificate will be displayed on your website, as well as websites of the certificate and the Croatian Chamber of Economy. It highlights the excellent credit standing of your company and ensures better creditworthiness in the eyes of your local and international business partners and financial institutions.
Key advantages of certification of your company from the market point of view:
  • safer and more secure business with certified entities
  • networking of companies with stable credit standing indicators
  • increased market transparency
  • promotion of good business practices
  • compliance with EU directives to promote successful small and medium companies
The certification process is fast and simple. For further information about the beginning of certification, please feel free to call us at +385 1 4697 500 or write to
Major focus and basic prerequisite to obtain the certificate is ongoing monitoring of the business entity by the credit report house Coface, which ensures credibility on the local and international market. Online certification is supported by the trusted SafeSigned technology.
Coface Croatia - SME Excellent certificate
Croatian Chamber of Economy confirms that below stated company satisfies the criteria for certification and has been awarded with Excellent SME Croatia digital website certificate. Certification basis is credit report and regular monitoring from COFACE credit reporting house. Following basic information about the company is verified.

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