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Membership in international organisations

An international network of partners
This worldwide network, which Coface started in 1992, brings together private companies and public institutions from the credit insurance, business information, debt collection and factoring sectors.
They share the common goal of developing, facilitating and underwriting B2B activity through the mutual provision of services, assisted by Coface's expertise.
Coface Partner complements and strengthens Coface's internal network and enables its clients to enjoy expanded geographical coverage of our services. The network members contribute their knowledge of local economic conditions, which is implemented in accordance with the Group's rules and is used in the Group's IT applications.
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The Federation of Business Information Services  comprising more than 60 members from all over the world involved in providing Business  Information and Debt Collection services of National and International importance. FEBIS Members generate over 180 million Business Information and Consumer reports annually for over 500,000 organizations, providing these clients with invaluable business support.
Association for Finance, Credit and International Business professionals. FCIB's powerful network supports more than 1,100 credit professionals worldwide.
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