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Coface TopLiner

A complementary cover option for our customers with credit insurance policies

Four good reasons to choose Topliner:
  • Supplemental cover for a development project
  • A custom-built offer for a period (30 to 90 days) and amount (€5,000 to €5 million) of your choosing
  • A price adjusted to your request
  • Simple online subscription

Reserved for Credit Insurance clients, TopLiner is a supplemental cover.


It is designed for situations where, for a given buyer, the insured company has received a guarantee with an amount which is less than that requested or no guarantee at all. The price depends on the risk assessment and the amount and duration of the requested cover.


TopLiner is particularly sought-after by companies looking to obtain insurance to cover a high-priority or highly profitable development project.


- Supplemental cover entirely in your own hands for your main customers

- Flexibility to deliberately purchase complementary insurance cover for single buyers

- Support tailored as closely as possible to your growth strategy

- You become stakeholders in the risktaking process

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