Our Organization

Supporting your growth around the world

Coface began to diversify internationally in 1992. Currently, the Group has global capabilities to support its clients' growth in their home markets and with their exports by offering them credit insurance services tailored to their needs.
 The Group's organisation is focused entirely on this goal. Its 4,100 employees working in 66 countries offer adapted risk prevention, monitoring and protection services to companies of all sizes and nationalities and in all sectors. To that end, the Group's underwriters, business information and receivables collection specialists are available to serve clients and enable them to carry out their business activities more safely. Clients thus benefit from the expertise and organisation of an international Group that can offer them local service fine-tuned to their needs.
The Executive Committee
The Executive Committee, chaired by the CEO, consists of members of the Group Management Board and seven regional directors: Latin and North America, Asia Pacific, Central Europe, Western and Northern Europe, Mediterranea and Africa. This committee focuses on the group operational issues and addresses specific regional situations.
The Group Management Board
The Group Management Board, chaired by the CEO, is responsible for Group strategic and organisational matters.
Coface SA board of directors
The Coface group has contributed since its establishment to the performance and growth of businesses.
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