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Coface launches Policy Master - Customized service tool enables more efficient credit insurance management

Coface Policy Master

Coface pursues its strategy of innovation, expanding its online offer with Policy Master, an online application that will help clients in handling their policy more efficiently.With this new tool Coface facilitates credit organisation teams’ risk management by reducing administrative work and introducing alerts and notifications for clients.

Complementary and fully interfaced with CofaNet Essentials [1], Policy Master was designed to simplify clients' daily management of credit insurance cover and making this more reliable. The online service offers companies a secured and optimised administration of their policies by reducing operational risk.

Policy Master optimises the client´s policy.

CofaNet Policy Masterprovides the customer with a real vision of his exposure to buyer-related risks. The tool evaluates the actual outstanding amount per buyer from accounting data and compares it to the amount granted by Coface. Alerts notify the client when any set limits are exceeded or to inform the company of approaching deadlines for the declaration of overdue accounts. The company can then better understand the trade risk and increase its longevity by concentrating on solvent and robust buyers.

Coface designed this service tool to organise credit insurance more efficiently. Reliability and safety for the contract management are the crucial criteria:

  • Due to the alert system, the service tool reduces the risk of mismanaging the policy: It assists to optimize coverage and avoids missing deadlines as well as potentially costly mistakes.
  • The reporting system with its outstanding and cover analysis improves the contract management and allows quick regulations of unused limits.
  • Policy Master is a secure online tool which handles the accounting information fully confidential.

"For companies it is essential to work as efficient as possible.The new service application Policy Master was developed by Coface to make it even easier for companies to manage their day-to-day credit insurance administration. We are proud to provide this great benefit to our clients, that they can focus on their daily core business", explained Katarzyna Kompowska, Coface Executive Manager Central Europe.


[1] CofaNet: online platform for managing Coface credit insurance policies

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